Picture of LAAMP music academy entrance.
Two students from LAAMP Music posing in music studio
Students gathered at LAAMP Music Seminar
Students sitting at Laamp Music Academy Seminar
Artists Zoe at a LAAMP Studio cublicle singing in front of a microphone
LAAMP Music Academy mentors lecturing students
LAAMP Music building entrance
Students at LAAMP Music in Studio posing for a picture
Students at LAAMP Music Auditorium
A seminar at LAAMp Music Academy with students on desks
Artist Zoe in studio at a LAAMp Academy Pod
LAAMP co-founder Tor and artist Jozzy Dope By Accident lecturing students at a seminar.
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A Music Academy
by the masters

LAAMP Music Building Entrance

A one-year high-level music program with world class mentors.

LAAMP is a Music Academy Bringing Together the Best:
Workshops·mEntors·studio sessions·
Workshops·mEntors·studio sessions·

We will handpick 45 musical talents for our on-site program in Santa Monica based on skill, personality, and drive. You will learn to collaborate under the guidance of some of the most accomplished mentors in popular music. You will not be sitting in a classroom—you will make music every day.

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Tor Hermansen, Stargate producer & LAAMP co-founder
Charli XCX
Artist Charli XCX
Artist Justin Tranter
Justin Tranter
Artist Jozzy Dope By Accident