LAAMP offers a collaborative music program for artists, producers and songwriters in the field of contemporary popular music.

No degrees needed - talent only.

Student inside of LAAMP music studio working together in a sound room.
Student inside of LAAMP music studio working together in a sound room.
Student inside of LAAMP music studio working together in a sound room.
Student inside of LAAMP music studio working together in a sound room.


Los Angeles, CA

The most hands-on experience we offer, the onsite program puts you in the room with Stargate, the mentors, and the best songwriters/ artists/ producers of our entire applicant pool. Our facility is complete with 16 studios, a stage, classroom, outdoor dining, lounge, kitchen, and main office. Students come here to work five days a week, whether attending live seminars, workshops, collaborating with their peers, or getting in-person feedback from our mentors.

Every week we assign groups to work together and write a song following an assignment guideline provided by our visiting guests. Students have the week to complete the prompt and write a great song. Perhaps the most important component of the program is the feedback of the students’ songs provided by the mentors and curated by Stargate every Monday. For the most immersive experience to be making music in a space with your peers and surrounded by creatives all day, there is no better option than the onsite program.

Now Accepting Applications for 2023/24 (Oct 2023)

Los Angeles, CA


Your Week at laamp


Mentorship + Studio

Kick off your week with massive input. During Mondays and Tuesdays, the mentors will be conducting sessions and workshops in smaller groups. These workshops go deep, exposing you to the tools needed for your specific skill set, developing your craft and drawing lines through history. Relevant projects will continuously be assigned and reviewed. Monday evenings are intense and can go very late. The mentors work directly with each student group, giving real-time, individual feedback.


Workshops + Studio

Wednesday through Friday is action time. You will be immersed in your weekly projects, supported by relevant lectures and gatherings inspiring the current task at hand.

Studio Sessions

Classrooms dont create artists, studio sessions do.
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At LAAMP you’ll be making as much music as possible, with the intention of constantly developing your craft and getting your songs out into the world. Becoming a master at anything takes thousands of hours of focused, well guided effort.We want you to be able to dig deep into your own work, in an environment that elevates you and holds you to the highest standards possible. In order to make this happen, we’ve set aside a major proportion of your time at LAAMP for hands on music making. The input you receive through mentors and lectures is there to guide, inform and inspire your current project, as well as your overall skills and creativity. However, there is no substitute for actually doing it. That’s why we have designed our program based around guided sessions, workshops and personal studio time. So whether you thrive in a big studio surrounded by talent, or prefer solitude with your laptop or guitar to make magic, we’re ready for you.


Collaborate with the best.
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Music unites talent from vastly different backgrounds and with different experiences. By inspiring and challenging each other through collaboration, we’re able to create something bigger than the sum of the individual parts. We know that being a team player is instrumental to success in music, and this knowledge penetrates all our efforts at LAAMP.Collaboration is placed at the heart of everything. Artists, songwriters and producers mingle and work together. You will constantly be in sessions with others complementing and lifting your skills. You’ll write songs together, collaborate on productions and perform together.


Nothing beats one-on-one feedback.
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The foundation of your year at LAAMP is the mentorship program. Our hand picked mentors have all succeeded at the highest level of the music industry. They are hit-writers and respected artists.

Throughout the year you will hear and meet world class creators, giving you a flow of new impulses, held together by our method and day to day staff. The mentors will conduct sessions with smaller groups as well as addressing a wider audience, depending on the subject at hand. There will be ample opportunity for direct interaction with the mentors.

Uniquely, we will have students and mentors work together on songs, each songwriting session getting specific feedback and help with ideas.

What Our Students Say About the Program

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