What is LAAMP?
LAAMP - Los Angeles Academy for Artists and Music Production offers an intensive one-year program for contemporary artists, songwriters and music producers in Los Angeles, California.
What is unique about LAAMP, compared to other music education institutions?
At LAAMP you will be creating music in the studio every day. You will team up with talented artists, songwriters and producers chasing your next great song guided by our absolute top level mentors.
How many talents are admitted to LAAMP?
We enroll a maximum of 48 talents to our on site program.
Can I get a scholarship to attend LAAMP?
LAAMP strives to make our program accessible to the most exciting talent but does not offer any scholarship programs at this time.
When can I apply?
Admission is now open and ongoing.

Can you tell me more about the program?

What does a regular day at LAAMP look like?
During Mondays and Tuesdays, the mentors will be conducting master classes and sessions. These sessions go deep, exposing you to the tools needed for your specific skill set, developing your craft and drawing lines through history. Monday evenings are rounded off with studio time and one-on-one access to the mentors, giving you a chance to get direct, individual feedback. Tuesday is full on collab time with the mentors, who go from room to room throughout the day, guiding and participating to make sure your music is at the highest level possible. Wednesday through Friday is action time. You will be immersed in your weekly projects, supported by relevant lectures, workshops and gatherings inspiring the current task at hand.
What skills do I get to improve at LAAMP
You will be focusing a lot on making great songs with you various teams and mentors. A lot of session time will give you a wide range and high number of songs. You also get to focus in depth on your role as a writer, artist or producer through case studies, workshops and one-to-one mentoring.
Is LAAMP a school, do I get credits?
LAAMP is not a traditional school. You don’t need credits to come, and you don’t get credits when you leave. But we think the year can change your life and music forever.
How much work is expected from me?
The work is the songs. Pretty much. Most of the songs you create within teams. Some songs you might do by yourself. We do not focus on writing papers and written tests. We focus on collaboration, being open to new ideas, looking for the best in the people around you and constantly searching to the next great concept and the next great song.
Do the talents work interdisciplinary?
Yes. At LAAMP you will be organized in interdisciplinary shifting teams with a songwriter talent, an artist talent and a producer a lot of the time. Together you will develop musical ideas from sketches to finished songs. This way you will be trained in contributing to a comprehensive production, while the genre variation gives you the opportunity to gain broad experience within different genre expressions.
Will any of the songs created at LAAMP be released to the public during the year?

LAAMP will not release songs as part of the program. But if the song is great, maybe you want to release it, or someone else will?
How is the assessment, do we get grades?
At LAAMP you do not get grades because LAAMP is not a school. We critique the songs every Monday morning in the listening session. We discuss the process of making the song and you get your feedback from the mentor. You will be making maybe 50-100 songs during your time at LAAMP, and a goal will be for you to leave with a catalogue of songs you’re proud of, and a network of amazing creative people you no longer can live without.
What is the mentor's role?
The mentor role is central at LAAMP. Throughout the year, you will receive song tasks, creative input, instruction, guidance and one-to-one feedback from our mentors.
Will I be provided with the necessary equipment at LAAMP, or am I expected to bring my own?
Students are expected to bring their own own laptops using the software of their choice. Writing and recording rooms with monitoring, mics and preamps will be available.

What about the money side of things?

If this happens we will inform all students immediately, and support each individual to make decisions and any necessary return travel plans. Classes and workshops etc would then move online to ensure continuity, so your program and music making can continue at full force.
What is the fee for the program?
The fee is $49,000 for the full program.
What does the fee cover?
The fee covers all classes, sessions and workshops, one-to-ones throughout the program and access to the best-in-line-class studios. You will have to cover housing and living expenses in addition to the tuition fee.

How can I apply?

What are the entry requirements for admission to the program?
At LAAMP we focus on the music and are committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion. If your music is great, you might be the one we’re looking for, regardless of your background. No prior education is required. Your music and application will be considered by the LAAMP admission panel.
How does the application process work?
You apply at www.laampmusic.com/apply. The first step is to upload some music (or videos) of music you have played part in creating or performing. Some time after you will receive a link to the full application form. Some of you will be invited to an interview, done online. Admissions start immediately.

I see myself as an artist, songwriter AND producer. What should I apply to?
Great! You are the kind of collaborator we love to work with, and you will not select one specifically until later in the process. Just apply, and when you get here you'll have the opportunity to focus on growth in the area you decide to develop further.
How does LAAMP consider my application?
At LAAMP we focus on the music and are committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion. We are looking for talent with drive, passion and potential, and the ability to search for and create big ideas and inspiring music. We value collaboration and the ability to turn motivation and talent into value for yourself and the people you work with. When considering your application we use a set of defined assessment criteria, such as musical skill level, personal maturity, ability to reflect, awareness of personal goals, and based on these items, your prospect of successfully completing the program. So we care about: Music – Motivation – Reflection – Collaboration.

Where is LAAMP located?

Where is LAAMP located?
LAAMP is located in Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, California.
Why L.A.?
Well, this is where we are. This is where most of our mentors live and breathe. This is where great music is being created, where the sun shines and creative hearts beat.
Does LAAMP provide housing?
There is no housing available through LAAMP. We encourage you to look around for a place not too far from the LAAMP facilities. After admission we also set up an online group for those accepted, where you can team up with the option of looking for housing together with one or more aspiring LAAMPees.

What can you tell me about the online program?

Will the online participants get the same content as the onsite participants?
Yes online will have access to the exact same content as onsite. The LAAMP program will consist of weekly mentor sessions, workshops and business classes which will be recorded and shared, that way if you happen to be in a different time zone you won’t miss out on anything!
How many hours per week will the online schedule consist of?
The weekly content will vary depending on the mentor and workshop holders, but will usually be around 5 hours per week, you will also spend a significant portion of your week working on song assignments with your fellow online students. In addition to the recorded classes there will be regular master classes from Stargate and guests for the online students only.
Will online students get any one to one mentoring?
No there will not be any one to one mentoring from LAAMP mentors, however you will receive feedback on your music from LAAMP staff.
How will online students make music together?
There will be weekly assignments set by the mentors, and when these are group assignments you will be teamed up to collaborate with other online students and receive feedback from LAAMP on your songs. You will be put together in teams based on your specialization as an artist, producer or songwriter by LAAMP staff, and sessions will take place using a generic online platform. There will also be some cross pollination between the online and in person students throughout the year.
Will online students receive professional feedback on their songs?
Yes they will receive feedback from LAAMP staff who have years of professional experience in the industry, but feedback will not be given by the visiting mentors.
How many students will be accepted on the online program?
We have not set a cap as of yet, it will depend on the level and experience of the applicants.
How will online students interact with each other, mentors and staff in general?
Daily communication will take place through a closed Facebook group where staff and online students will interact.