Meet LAAMP Mentor:

Tor Hermansen

Tor Hermansen is a visionary music producer, songwriter, and one half of the renowned music production duo Stargate. With a career spanning over two decades, Tor has left an indelible mark on the global music landscape. His innovative approach to music production, combined with a deep understanding of diverse musical genres, has resulted in chart-topping hits that resonate across the world.

As a creative force behind Stargate, Tor has collaborated with some of the industry's biggest names, shaping the sound of pop, R&B, and electronic music. His passion for pushing creative boundaries and his relentless pursuit of sonic excellence have earned him multiple Grammy Awards and countless accolades.

Beyond his remarkable production skills, Tor is committed to nurturing the next generation of music producers, songwriters, and artists. As a driving force behind LAAMP Music School, he aims to inspire and educate aspiring talents, providing them with the tools and knowledge to thrive in the ever-evolving music industry.