Six Weeks - Six Mentors - Six Groups - Six Songs

Take Your Music To The Next Level

Introducing our new online program starting this fall. You will experience our best mentor sessions and curated workshops.

Every week, you will collaborate and create original songs with Artists, Producers and Songwriters from all over the world. You will receive weekly feedback on your songs from our experts.

After 6 weeks, you will have at least 6 finished songs, all created under the mentorship of our listening panel

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Mentorship, Collaboration & Song Feedback

You will watch mentor sessions from Stargate, Jozzy, Benny Blanco, Emily Warren, Diplo, Ne-Yo and more.

You will collaborate in groups with carefully selected Artists, Producers and Songwriters from around the world.

You will create a song every week. You will get live feedback on every song by industry professionals

LAAMP Co-founders Mikkel Eriksen and Tor Hermansen
LAAMP Online Community

Workshops & Live Zooms

Workshops are available for you to watch online: vocal production, mixing techniques, songwriting sessions, vocal training, artist performance, music video and social media tips, distribution advice, music contract insights, and more

Join Live Q&A Webinars to gain insights to help you navigate the music industry.

Six Week Schedule
Collaborate and create original songs with Artists, Producers and Songwriters from all over the world
Week 1

Tor Hermansen philosophy and the importance of a pro mindset

Welcome to LAAMP: Tor Hermansen

Turning Pro: Steven Pressfield

Vocal Production: Kuk Harrel

Vocal Chain: MIkkel Eriksen

Theme: Tor's Best Advice for Music Producers, Artists and Songwriters

Lessons: Pro Mindset, Vocal Chain, Group Collaboration

Writing Assignment: Add Weekly Assignment

Week 2

Emily Warren talks about her hit songwriting process

Mentor: Emily Warren

Songwriting:  Autumn Rowe

Publishing: Andrew Gould

Theme: Best Advice for Songwriters

Lessons: Song Meaning, Titles, Melodies and Chord Progressions, Lyrics, Publishing

Writing Assignment: Add Weekly Assignment

Week 3

Benny Blanco explains how he became both a SuperProducer and Artist.

Mentor: Benny Blanco

Vocal Recording: Angelique:

Vocal Engineering: Jelli

Mixing: Rafael Fadul

Theme: Best Advice for Music Producers

Lessons: Vocal Recording, DAW Templates and Plugins, Mixing and Mastering

Writing Assignment: Add Weekly Assignment

Week 4

Jozzy talks about writing Old Town Road and Artist collaboration

Mentor: Jozzy

Management: Jay Brown

Artist Performance: Kiesza

Vocal Coaching: Summer Rona

Theme: Best Advice for Artists

Lessons: Artist Performance, Working with Music Producers, Songwriters and Managers

Writing Assignment: Add Weekly Assignment

Week 5

Diplo gives you insight into his DJ, Artist and label universe.

Mentor: Diplo

Music Videos: DSP

Social media: Sheila Mohabpour, Josh Sadowski

Theme: Best Advice for Multi-disciplined Talent

Lessons: Your Brand, Social Media and Marketing, Music Videos

Writing Assignment: Add Weekly Assignment

Week 6

Ne-Yo discusses writing hit records and making it in the industry

Mentor: Ne-Yo

Record Label A&R: Chris Anokute

Business Contracts:Josh Love

Spotify, Joe Poindexter

Theme: Music Business and Careers

Lessons: Building Your Career, Business Contracts, Distribution

Writing Assignment: Add Weekly Assignment

Program Details


Program Dates
Sept 9 - Oct 18

The Online Program brings in talented students from all over the world, as they develop bonds across the globe with their colleagues and work diligently to produce the best songs possible. Each week, you will get to work with a different group of producers, songwriters, and artists to work collaboratively on a new professional writing assignment